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Mount Huangshan is located in southern Anhui Province in Huangshan City, as the high mountains in one of "the best in all the land of mountains," the name.As the Taoist holy land, many relics, biography Xuanyuan Huang Di once the alchemy.Xu Xiake had two tours to Mount Huangshan, leaving the "five Yues return from Mount Huangshan, guilaibukan" plaint.Li Bai and other poets in this left a beautiful poem.China's most beautiful, striking one of ten famous mountains.Mount Huangshan is a famous summer resort, is a national scenic area and health resort.Selected in 1985 ten national scenic spot, in 1990 December was listed by UNESCO as "world cultural and natural heritage", is one of the second Chinese culture, at the same time as a natural heritage included in the directory.Ecological protection intact, is the symbol of china.


Mount Huangshan: "the best in all the land of mountains" 摄影:谭明


Mount Huangshan features:(黄山四绝

The first is: pines

Mount Huangshan stretches hundreds of miles, lots of pine hills upon hills.Mount Huangshan pine, it is distributed in the altitude of 800 meters above the mountains, stone for the mother, tenaciously rooted in rock fracture.Mount Huangshan pine needles with short, thick green, dry song Zhiqiu, in different poses and with different expressions.Or shore tall and straight, or independent peaks, or overhanging cliffs, or crown such as cover, or a sharp sword like.Some evidence of cliff and around the stone, and some wear from the point; seam, stone breaking out.Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly hanging transverse horizontal, suddenly, "no tree of pine, no stone Busong, no loose not odd".Mount Huangshan pine from Mount Huangshan is the unique landform, climate and the formation of a variant of Chinese pine.Mount Huangshan pine growth at an altitude of 800 meters above the place, usually on the north slope of Mount Huangshan in 1500-1700 meters 1000-1600 meters, the southern slope in.The Mount Huangshan pine in different poses and with different expressions and the natural environment of Mount Huangshan has a great relationship.The Mount Huangshan pine seeds by wind to be able to crack in the granite, to carry all before one, slit into a drill, where the sprouting, rooting, growth.The most famous Mount Huangshan pine: Welcoming pine pine pine rosin on the look out guest Pu Tuansong tiger pine pine pine pine knot Wolong kylin -- this is Mount Huangshan's ten famous pine.In the past it has been made "the pine spectrum", included a number of Mount Huangshan pine, can count name pine hundreds, each one unique beautiful, elegant style.


黄山延绵数百里,千峰万壑,比比皆松。黄山松,它分布于海拔800米以上高山,以石为母,顽强地扎根于巨岩裂隙。黄山松针叶粗短,苍翠浓密,干曲枝虬,千姿百态。或倚岸挺拔,或独立峰巅,或倒悬绝壁,或冠平如盖,或尖削似剑。有的循崖度壑,绕石而过;有的穿罅穴缝,破石而出。忽悬、忽横、忽卧、忽起,“无树非松,无石不松,无松不奇”。 黄山松是由黄山独特地貌、气候而形成的中国松树的一种变体。黄山松一般生长在海拔800米以上的地方,通常是黄山北坡在1500-1700米处,南坡在1000-1600米处。黄山松的千姿百态和黄山自然环境有着很大的关系。黄山松的种子能够被风送到花岗岩的裂缝中去,以无坚不摧、有缝即入的钻劲,在那里发芽、生根、成长。 最著名的黄山松有:迎客松 望客松 送客松 探海松 蒲团松 ·黑虎松 卧龙松 麒麟松连理松──这就是黄山的十大名松。过去还曾有人编了《名松谱》,收录了许多黄山松,可以数出名字的松树成百上千,每棵都独具美丽、优雅的风格。


黄山四绝之奇松The first is: pines

Second great is the Mount Huangshan rocks, with strange get victory, with many famous.Has been named the rocks more than 120.Its morphology is all sorts of strange things, wow.People may seem complex, like a bird like a beast, modal different, vivid.Mount Huangshan rocks from different locations, in different weather watch taste different, it may be said "Wang Ling-side as a peak level of the different distance".Its distribution is in peak and peak slope, or tall peaks or play the slope margin, or with the song together, constitute a picture scroll of natural rocks.Station in the Mid-Levels Temple heaven peak on a big stone, shaped like a big cock crow wing, named "Golden Rooster named heaven", but on Longpan slope back then so, just sing the world white Rooster appeared suddenly, become the five robe fluttering, shoulder to help the elderly, by modified coronal with "Old God" in the name of.Yellow mountain sea, is a stone, stone Busong, no loose not odd.Appreciation can fully arouse their subjective creativity, can obtain higher aesthetic enjoyment.


黄山四绝之怪石Second great is the Mount Huangshan rocks.jpg

黄山四绝之怪石Second great is the Mount Huangshan rocks 摄影:黄文华

Third, ancient Mount Huangshan cloud is a cloud Chenghai, Mount Huangshan Township, with a peak for the body, to the clouds as clothes, its magnificent spectacle "sea of clouds" to the United States, wins, odd, renowned ancient magic, all year round, especially in the winter King best considerable.Yi Yunhai distribution range, South China Sea, East China Sea, the whole mountain west, Beihai and the sea; and enter the lotus peak, the day all peak, bright top can view in the fundus of the sea, enjoy "to the end of the sea day is the shore up the top of the mountain, I am the peak".Sea of clouds of sunrise, sunset clouds, 10000 Xiaguang, flowery profusion.Mangrove covered cloud, patches of autumn leaves floating in the clouds above, this is a rare phenomenon in Mount Huangshan.Beihai double shear peak, when the clouds pass for both sides of the mountain constraints, from between the two peaks outflow, down pour, such as river Pentium, and like a white Hukou Waterfall, gentle and quiet can experience surging undercurrent and the energetic power, is another Mount Huangshan wonders. 


黄山四绝之云海Third, Mount Huangshan cloud.jpg

黄山四绝之云海Third, Mount Huangshan cloud

Chapter four is the Mount Huangshan hot springs of Mount Huangshan, deriving from the altitude of 850 meters underneath the Ziyun peaks, water containing bicarbonate, drink can bath.Legend of emperor Xuanyuan's forty-nine to renew one's youth in this bath seven seven, eclosion soaring, it is also known as "lingquan".Mount Huangshan hot springs from underneath the Ziyun peaks up early, and peach blossom peak across the stream sea, is the Mount Huangshan gate into Mount Huangshan's first station.Spa daily output of about 400 tons, the annual interest annual temperature, in 42 degrees, is a mountain hot spring.Mount Huangshan hot springs on the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, the new supersedes the old., the movement of certain diseases, especially skin disease, have certain effect.

第四绝是黄山的温泉 黄山温泉,源出海拔850米的紫云峰下,水质以含重碳酸为主,可饮可浴。传说轩辕皇帝就是在此沐浴七七四十九日得返老还童,羽化飞升的,故又被誉之为“灵泉”。黄山温泉由紫云峰下喷涌而初,与桃花峰隔溪相望,是经游黄山大门进入黄山的第一站。温泉每天的出水量约400吨左右,常年不息,水温常年在42度左右,属高山温泉。黄山温泉对消化、神经、心血管、新陈代谢、运动等系统的某些病症,尤其是皮肤病,均有一定的功效。

黄山四绝之温泉Chapter four is the Mount Huangshan hot springs

黄山四绝之温泉Chapter four is the Mount Huangshan hot springs

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